A Path to Recovery
As one of Maryland’s
community-focused and trauma-informed behavioral health organizations, KEYS works to make life better; creating positive outcomes for anyone dealing with mental health issues. Our empathetic Psychiatrists and decorated Therapists are available to support you in your healing journey, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
KEYS Combines Experienced Staff
with Industry-Leading Best Practices

KEYS sets each patient on a path to recovery and wellness. Our mental health programs are designed to help patients experiencing any of the following:

We use evidence-based treatment, ranging from psychopharmacology to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Our trauma-based care approach uses the principles of safety, empowerment, trustworthiness, collaboration and choice.
The KEYS team guides each consumer
through the process and provides the tools necessary for recovery. Our patients are empowered to be the experts in their own healing. Treatment features include:

Current Patient

New Patient