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Established in 2009, K.E.Y.S. Development is a direct care organization that was developed in response to an increased need for mental health services for transitioning youth. Our services were designed to minimize the potential for unconstructed and irresponsible behavior by youth in their communities. We offer behavioral modification programs that were designed to assist our clients in the areas of socialization, conflict resolution, anger management, and peer relationships. Group therapy sessions and mentoring programs were also implemented as a continuation of services to enhance client outcomes while observing and measuring coping skills. Our group-centered therapeutic services will provide life skills training to clients with mental health disorders; and assist them with transitioning into independent living and self-sufficiently in a community setting. By developing life skills consistent with their goals and life expectations, we prepare our clients to be self motivators, and equip them with leadership skills necessary for rehabilitation successs. The services provided by K.E.Y.S. Development are strengths-based and solution-focused, designed to respond to our clients’ diagnoses while cultivating their positive characteristics. K.E.Y.S. Development programs, were developed and codified by the founder and director who is an experienced, and licensed social worker with a passionate desire to create opportunities for healing and restoration. Program oversight of the clinical and administrative operation will be performed in a manner that offers the highest quality of services.
Our mission at K.E.Y.S development is to provide social support and guidance in becoming esteemed leaders with outstanding problem solving and conflict resolution skills. While providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction, our impeccable support team will do everything necessary to meet your needs.


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