Adult and Adolescent Substance Use Disorder (SUD)

Level I: Outpatient (OP)

A low-intensity non-residential program designed to provide a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic treatment for persons suffering from substance abuse.

Level II: Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

A three to six month non-residential treatment program that includes counseling services, case management, and addiction education for those with a dual diagnosis.

Consumer's who may be in need of this support are able to self-refer or be referred by a community or agency support

Therapeutic Behavior Services (TBS)

TBS is a rehabilitative referred service for children and adolescents under 21 years of age. TBS is designed to provide rehabilitative treatment interventions to reduce or improve the target maladaptive behaviors, improve behaviors and where necessary to maintain the improved behaviors though the restoration of a participant to his or her best possible functional level. The services provide the participant with behavioral management skills to effectively manage the behaviors or symptoms that place the participant at risk for a higher level of care. The goal of these services is to restore the participant's previously acquired behavior skills and enable the participant to develop appropriate behavior management skills.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation (PRP)

(Adolescent 6-17 years of age)

A hands-on component of mental health services that provide consumer's one-on-one support with addressing rehabilitative needs in the areas of life skills, educational and vocational support, activities of daily living, coping skill support, medical resource attainment, and much more.

Consumer's who may be in need of this support will need to be referred by a licensed mental health provider. If you would like to self-refer and are in of support to start this process please call or email the contact below.

If interested in any of the services described please call (443) 348-5016 ext. 102 or email for more information or to submit a referral for services. 

*** We are excited to announce that as of Summer 2018 we will be offering PRP services to individuals ages 18 and over!***